GoVolt Scooter Sharing Regulations

  1. Introduction to the Service


  • GoVolt scooter-sharing is a service offered by Go Volt S.r.l. (“Manager”) which allows registered customers (“Customers”) to use a vehicle paying it only for the actual use during each individual rental (“Service”).
  • The Customer can search the vehicle through a smartphone app with iOS or Android operating system (“App”).
  • The use of the Service can take place through specific functions of the App for the start, management and term of the rental (“Device”).
  • This regulation (“Regulation”) defines the methods of use of the Service. A copy is provided to the Customer upon acceptance of the proposal to register for the Service as well as being published on the GoVolt website – available at the URL (the “Site”) to allow a constant reference.
  • The Manager reserves the right to modify the present Regulations or their attachments at any time by notifying the Customer in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Scooter Sharing (“General Conditions”).
  1. Registration


  • Registration for the Service is granted exclusively to individuals and can be carried out via the App.
  • Registration is activated, pending acceptance by the Manager of the potential Client’s proposal, after:
  1. the potential Client has filled in all the required fields;
  2. the data relating to the Italian driver’s license of a potential Client has been verified and validated online by the competent Inspectorate of Civil Motorization and Transportation in Concession;
  3. only for the potential Client with a Foreign License, the data relating to the identity documents requested by the Manager, the Foreign License and, where necessary, the international driving permit or the sworn translation of the license have been verified and validated by the Manager or by another specially appointed person;
  4. the potential Client has correctly entered the data of a valid identification document that has not expired in addition to the License;
  5. the data relating to the credit card or prepaid card (where allowed) provided by the potential Customer for the payment of the Service, has been verified and approved by the payment platform used by the Manager;
  6. the potential Customer has used during the registration phase to the Service and will use for the duration of the use of the same a mobile phone number for mobile and personal communication services that is valid and can be traced back to him / her;
  7. the potential Client has accepted these Rules and has accepted the General Conditions of Contract;
  8. the potential Client, where necessary, has authorized the use, and has allowed the processing of their personal data by the Manager for the purposes of the Service;
  9. the potential Client undertakes to respect and execute in good faith and with the diligence of the good father of the family the commitments undertaken with the registration to the Service and contained in the Regulations and in the General Conditions for each individual rental and for as long as Customer of the Service remains;
  10. the potential Customer selects the appropriate “SUBSCRIBE” command in the App.
    • Use of the Service is allowed exclusively to Customers.
    • At the time of proposal to subscribe to the Service, the potential Customer is informed about the purposes of the Service and the related methods of delivery thereof and when they understand the terms and conditions, the can enter their data and explicitly accept the terms and conditions proposed conditions, including the General Conditions and the present Regulations.
    • The following information is required for the purpose of registration:
  11. Nation issuing the driving license.
  12. Data allowing access to the restricted area of the Site and the App: e-mail and password;
  13. Personal data and tax id of the Customer;
  14. Customer’s delivery data including a mobile phone number for mobile and personal communication services that is valid and traceable to the potential Customer;
  15. Acceptances by the Customer of the Regulations, General Conditions and Privacy Notice;
  16. For potential Clients with Italian Driving License: data of the License;
  17. For potential Clients with a Foreign License: data and copy of the identity documents and driving licenses listed for each country in the Annex of Foreign States;
  18. Data of a valid and not expired identity document;
  19. Credit card details for payment of the service.
    • The Customer, if applicable, can also fill in the optional fields related to promotions and/or conventions; in this case, the possibility of benefiting from the related perks will be subject to verification by the Manager of the data entered and of the effective legitimacy of the Client to take advantage of the relative facilitations.
    • To be able to send to the Manager the proposal to subscribe to the Service, the potential Customer must, furthermore, expressly consent to the geo-location of vehicles, as well as to the collection of data relating to vehicle traffic and the processing of personal data; if requested, send an instant photo of your face to the Manager (also by means of “selfie”).
    • The data, as entered, is processed and, if no irregularities are found, the proposal to subscribe to the Service by the potential Customer is sent to the Manager.
    • If the Manager does not find irregularities in the proposal to subscribe to the Service by the potential Customer, he sends the Customer an email notification of acceptance of the proposal with attached contractual documentation and confirmation of activation of the Customer’s personal account (“Account “).
    • The Account is strictly personal and is not transferable to third parties. The access data (ID and password) are personal and non-transferable.
    • It is explicitly forbidden to the Customer to carry out more than one registration.
    • Failure to comply with this obligation to retain and non-transferability of the Account is sanctioned in accordance with the General Conditions.
    • In the event that a Customer suspects the use of the Account by third parties, he must immediately contact GoVolt’s customer service (“Customer Service”).
    • The fields filled in by the Customer at the time of registration are stored in the Customer profile. With the credentials created at the time of registration, the Customer is able to access and modify his / her profile at any time through the reserved area of the website or via the App. By accessing the profile, moreover, the Customer is able to consult information on uses, such as, but not limited to: the history of services used, invoices, any vouchers for using the Service (“Voucher”).


  1. Location and access to vehicles
    • All vehicles are geo-located by GPS system and can be tracked by the Manager at any time, even when used by the Customer, for the purpose of checking their functionality and efficiency.
    • The vehicles available are located in parking lots allowed on public areas or in parking spaces made available by the Manager within the coverage area of each city where the Service is active, clearly identified on the map to be accessed on the App (“Operational Area”).
    • The Customer can locate all vehicles available through the App.
    • From the App, the Customer can view on the map the available vehicles closest to his position or to another indicated address.
    • When the vehicle indicated in the map is selected, the Customer must ascertain its autonomy and if it is sufficient to allow him to complete the desired route before pressing the “BOOK” button.
    • Once the desired vehicle is identified, the customer is allowed to book it. Reservations must be made via the App.
    • The reservation is free for a maximum period of 15 (fifteen) minutes. From the 16th minute the reservation will be canceled. In the event that the Customer decides to cancel the booking or the fifteen minutes of booking have expired, without the Customer starting the rental, the vehicle will be made available again bookable by other Clients.
    • In the event that a Customer cancels more than 3 (three) bookings (even non-consecutively) within 24 (twenty-four) hours, the Manager may suspend the Customer from using the Service.
    • The customer must book a vehicle only when they actually expect to use it within the 15 (fifteen) minutes granted. The Manager reserves the right to verify the improper use of vehicle bookings by the Customer. In this case the Manager may suspend the Customer from the Service, or terminate the Contract, for violation of the principle of fairness and good faith in the use of the Service by the Customer.
    • After reaching the reserved vehicle, the Customer must use the App to unlock the vehicle, open the top-case and begin the rental.
    • The Customer can also immediately use a vehicle identified directly on the road.
    • Only for available vehicles, the customer is allowed to use the vehicle immediately: using the App the vehicle can be unlocked and the top-case opened, starting the rental. The customer thus has access to the vehicle.
    • Both in the case of booking and access to the vehicle and in case of immediate use of the vehicle, from the moment the vehicle is booked, the vehicle is rented, regulated in accordance with these Regulations, the General Conditions and the applicable legislation.
    • After unlocking the vehicle, the customer can open the top-case, through a special button on the App, and access the helmets. The Customer must make sure that the trunk is safely and appropriately closed to start the rental.
  2. Vehicle collection
    • At the time of picking up the vehicle and at the end of the rental the Customer is required to verify that the vehicle itself is not damaged (for example: damage to the bodywork, wheels, saddle, abnormal noise of the vehicle, indicator lights of malfunction of the vehicle, etc.). In the event that the vehicle is not suitable for use, the Customer may decide to release it by reporting the anomalies found through the App. Generally, if needed, the Customer, can always contact the Customer Service directly through the App for assistance and further reports.
    • Each rental is considered started when the Customer presses the “BOOK” button on the App and will terminate when he presses “END” on the App and when he has successfully completed the term of the rental. The vehicle is considered in use when the Customer presses the “UNLOCK” button on the App.
  3. Use


  • For every vehicle rental, the Customer is obliged to strictly comply with the provisions of the General Conditions and of these Regulations.
  • The vehicles must be used in the manner and within the limits established by the Regulations, the General Conditions and all applicable regulations, as well as any instructions given by the Manager to the Customer at the time of booking and/or during use.
  • Only Clients registered with the Service and in possession of a valid driving license in accordance with the provisions of the General Conditions may use the vehicles.
  • Any changes in the status of the license such as withdrawal, suspension, exhaustion of points or expiration, loss, must immediately be communicated to the Manager.
  • The vehicle must be driven exclusively by the Customer registered for the Service and the current reservation controller. It is strictly forbidden to allow third parties to drive the vehicles, even if the third party is another Customer. In the event of an infraction, the Customer may be charged with a penalty, as defined and provided for in the General Conditions.
  • The vehicle must be conducted in compliance with all applicable regulations, including the Italian road regulation, the Italian Civil Code (Codice Civile) and the Italian Penal Code (Codice Penale), and in general with the utmost diligence;
  • The Customer, at the time of each individual rental, must be in full possession of his/her mental faculties and must not have taken any type of drug, alcohol or medicine that could potentially compromise the Customer’s ability to drive;
  • In general, vehicles do not have access to areas where traffic is forbidden to vehicles (e.g., urban pedestrian areas).
  • The Customer will be notified and will provide payment for any penalties for the violation of the law on the circulation of vehicles (Italian road regulations Code, municipal regulations, failure to pay tolls and parking, etc.).
  • All pecuniary sanctions will be applied, upon notification, to the Customer who at the time of the infraction was to use the vehicle subject to sanction or whose behavior in the use and release of the vehicle entailed the application of the sanction.
  • Vehicles cannot be parked in private areas other than those specifically reserved for parking the vehicles of the Service.
  • After having answered about the status of the vehicle on the app, the customer can start it by pressing the “UNLOCK” button on the App. At this moment, the vehicle will be unlocked and you can:
  1. open the top-case where there will be two helmets and disposable hygienic caps;
  2. remove the vehicle stand and press the “on/off” button on the handlebar to start the vehicle.
    • The vehicle is electric and makes no noise.
    • Once the journey is over, the Customer must park the vehicle correctly and inside the Operational Area, positioning it on the stand.
    • The selection of the “PAUSE” option on the App blocks the vehicle, but does not end the rental; therefore, the customer continues to be charged for the use of the vehicle.
    • The vehicles are all equipped with a sensor that indicates to the Manager’s Headquarters any sudden braking and sharp maneuvers, with the aim of increasing the safety of the customer.
    • As long as the stand is operating, the vehicle will not start.
    • The stand must be raised in order to start the vehicle and start driving.
    • Special attention must be paid to the fact that the vehicle, being electric, makes no noise during the starting of the vehicle.
    • The map in the App indicates whether the vehicle is located outside or inside the Operational Area.
    • Outside the Operational Area, the Customer cannot release the vehicle and end the rental.
    • The Customer can not release the vehicle and end the rental if it is in an area where it is not possible to detect the GPS and / or GSM signal, even if within the Operational Area. In this case the App will indicate to the Customer the need to move the vehicle to an area with better reception.
    • The parking spaces allowed depend on the city where the Service is provided and are described in the Tariff of the General Conditions Annex.
    • The Customer can not release the vehicle in private or company car parks, unless these are expressly marked as parking spaces reserved for the vehicles of the Service for the specific city in which the Service is active.
    • In all parking areas, both paid and free, parking is only allowed in the dedicated stalls, marked with colors and / or identifying symbols and reported on the Site and / or App. If all the stalls reserved for the vehicles of the Service are already occupied, the Customer cannot release the vehicle in different bays.
    • Within the parking lots, both free and paid, reserved for the Service, the Customer under no circumstances may:
  3. unload and store objects of any kind, particularly flammable objects;
  4. carry out repairs, change oil, recharge batteries, accumulators, etc., and generally perform any maintenance on, or wash the vehicle;
  5. park vehicles with leaks from tanks or other defects that can still damage the area and the road / carriageway pavement;
  6. engage in any behavior that may cause potential risks or damage to people, property or the environment. In any case, the Customer must comply with the provisions communicated by the parking manager.
    • The Customer can park the vehicle only where permitted by the Italian road regulations. It is forbidden to park in reserved stalls such as, but not limited to, parking spaces reserved for disabled people, law enforcement, loading and unloading of goods, taxis, institutions or diplomatic corps.
    • After having parked the vehicle in the spaces allowed inside the Operative Area, the Customer is allowed to release the vehicle by selecting the “END” option on the App.
    • The Customer cannot release the vehicle outside the Operational Area or outside the permitted spaces. The stop outside the Operational Area is allowed only in the case of a stop in “PAUSE” mode and therefore the rental still active. Failure to comply with these obligations involves the imposition of penalties, as required by the General Conditions.
    • At the end of the rental the customer must make sure that:
  7. the vehicle is correctly positioned on the stand and on a level place;
  8. the vehicle is inside the Operational Area;
  9. the two helmets are correctly placed inside the top-case;
  10. the top-case is properly closed;
  11. all documents, manuals and accessories of the vehicle are in order and in their original position;
    • The Customer must immediately notify the Customer Service of any problems during the termination of the rental or any damage or damage caused to the vehicle during the rental.
    • Failure to comply with the aforementioned obligations by the Customer entails the charging of fees  according to the provisions of the General Conditions.
    • Once the “END” option is selected on the App, the Customer must wait for the rental session to end correctly, confirming the end of the rental on the App, and turning off the lights of the vehicle. Otherwise, the vehicle will remain rented by the Customer, who will continue to be charged.
    • At the end of each rental, the Customer receives via e-mail a communication containing a summary of the use of the vehicle, such as: rental minutes, distance traveled, any Vouchers used, total amount of the rental charged.
    • In the event of an anomaly during the rental termination procedure or failure to receive the aforementioned e-mail communication, the Customer is obliged to immediately contact Customer Service.
    • The Customer can consult the details of his/hermovements, such as mileage, minutes of use, total cost of the Service in the appropriate sections of the App and the reserved area of the Site.
    • The Customer is required to leave the used vehicle clean. The Manager reserves the right to charge a penalty for extraordinary cleaning operations to the Customer who lastly used the vehicle, as indicated in the General Conditions.
    • The finding of abandoned objects on or in vehicles should be reported to the Customer Service, which will provide all the necessary information to allow their recovery by the Manager.
    • The Customer has the right to recharge the vehicle battery by using electric recharging columns provided by GoVolt, owned by him or through agreements with strategic partners.
  12. Rates, payment and billing
    • The Customer declares to be aware of the tariffs governed by the General Conditions and indicated in the “Rates” Annex of the General Conditions.
    • The credit card or prepaid card, where permitted, registered by the Customer in their profile is the normal payment method provided for the Service. The total amount due for the rental is charged at the end of the rental.
    • In the case of extended rental and / or outside the Operational Area, the Manager reserves the right to periodically charge the total amount accrued and/or to charge in advance certain amounts according to the General Conditions. At the end of the rental will be charged the amount actually accrued and due by the customer for the rental.
    • At the time of a rental fee charge, both at the end and during the course or rental (excluding any charges outside the Operational Area), the system automatically calculates the total amount to be charged by deducting any Voucher available to the Customer.
    • For Clients in possession of a Foreign License, the Manager, at the time of booking the vehicle, will charge the aforementioned Customer, in advance, with the amount provided for in the General Conditions. This advance charge will be totally or partially offset with the total amount due for the rental. In case of a negative outcome of the prepayment, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
    • The monthly invoice will show in detail the charges and / or credits made during the month, specifying relative use and any additional costs (for example, Penalties).
    • The invoice is issued in electronic format and can be downloaded from the customer profile.
  13. Vouchers
    • All Vouchers can be used only once and the Customer cannot use the same code more than once.
    • Each voucher has a predetermined validity. In case of expiry, the same will lose its validity.
    • The number of minutes of promotional rental may vary depending on the reference Voucher.
    • Vouchers may not be combined with each other unless this possibility is expressly established.
    • Some Vouchers may be limited in their use. In this case the Customers will be informed.
    • Registration Vouchers will be introduced on the first screen of the account registration or in the area dedicated to the registration of promotional codes.
    • Vouchers can belong to the following categories:
  14. Registration voucher: this type of code can only be used by new customers at the time of first registration;
  15. General Vouchers: they are created for new Customers and Customers already registered.
  16. Vouchers with references: they are granted to Customers already registered, following the registration to the Service of a new Customer as a result of the notification of a Customer already registered with the Service.
  17. Vehicle malfunction
    • In the event of a malfunction or blocking of the vehicle, with a vehicle parked in a space where parking is permitted, the Customer is required to call Customer Service to describe the problem and provide the exact address in which the vehicle is parked. After doing so, the Customer is free to leave the vehicle.
    • In case of malfunctioning or blocking of the vehicle, during use outside the Operative Area or with vehicle parked outside the spaces where the parking of the vehicle is allowed, the Customer is required to call Customer Service to describe the problem and provide the address exact where it is located. A Customer Service operator will be sent to the spot.
  18. Claims
    • In the event of a claim during the use of the vehicle, the Customer is obliged to call Customer Service immediately describing the type of accident, damage to the vehicle and providing the exact address where it is located. In particular, the Customer will have to fill out the incident form found in the documents inside the vehicle, take photographs of the place where the license plates of the vehicles involved in the accident are found and send them to the Manager by email within 12 hours.
    • In the event of a claim, the Manager will decide, on a discretionary basis, whether to send one of its operators to the place of the accident and whether the Customer must remain at the place of the accident until the operator arrives. At the place of the accident, the Customer is required to follow all instructions received by telephone from the Customer Service and/or on the spot by the operator of the Manager. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in the application of Penalties, as provided for in the General Conditions.
    • The Customer must hand to the operator of the Manager any CID forms filled in at the time of the accident and any minutes issued by the intervening authorities. If the operator’s intervention is not possible, the Customer must leave the CID forms and any reports inside the top-case, making sure to close it securely.
    • The Customer must inform the claim and provide the Manager with all the information necessary for the insurance practices to be carried out. In the event that the Customer does not cooperate with the Manager for the management of the claim and the related insurance practices, penalties may be applied, as provided for in the General Conditions.
    • Following the accident, if the vehicle is in condition to circulate regularly and the Customer intends, under his own responsibility, to reach the desired destination, the Customer must request explicit authorization from Customer Service to keep the vehicle in use.
  19. Theft, robbery, vandalism
    • In the event of theft, robbery, or vandalism to the detriment of the vehicle during use by a Customer, the Customer is obliged to immediately contact Customer Service indicating the place in which it is located and describing the incident.
    • Customer Service can send an operator on site. In this case the Customer is required to stay in place until the arrival of the operator. The Customer, with the support of the operator, must go to the competent authorities to lodge a complaint. The customer, after filing a complaint, provided all the documentation and information requested by the operator sent on the spot, is free to leave.
    • If it is not possible to send an operator on the spot, the Customer must independently fulfill the requirements of the General Conditions of Contract.
    • All reports on possible theft, vandalism or illegal behavior of vehicles not used by the Customer are appreciated. The Customer can contact Customer Service at any time for this type of reports and is not required to stay on site.
  20. Accessories made available by the Manager
    • The Manager may make available to customers on all or some vehicles of the Service some courtesy accessories that can be, by way of example: battery charger for mobile phone, winter cover, mobile phone controller, etc. (“Accessories”).
    • The Customer who intends to use the Accessories will do so under his/her own exclusive responsibility and scrupulously follow the instructions on the correct use of the Accessories that the Manager will provide with dedicated communications and/or with special brochures in the vehicles in which they are present.
    • If the Customer recognizes operating defects, impossibility of installation and use and/or dirt of the Accessories, and cannot use them, he/she must immediately inform the Manager through Customer Service.
    • In any case, it is understood that the operator, except for the legal limits, assumes no responsibility in relation to damages suffered by the customer and/or third parties as a result of, or in relation to the use of Accessories by the Customer.


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