Frequently asked questions

What is GoVolt?

GoVolt is a ‘free-floating’ electric scooter-sharing service based in Milan, Italy. It consists of renting a scooter via the App for the necessary time, having available an urban transport which is simple, easy, comfortable, sustainable and quiet. With GoVolt, you can drive electric scooters in your city wherever and however you like.

What should I know before driving an electric scooter?

The electric scooters are very quiet: pedestrians, animals or other people and vehicles nearby may not hear you passing through, so make sure that they can see you and don’t hesitate to use the horn so as to avoid dangerous situations. The scooters, moreover, are very reactive as soon as you accelerate: especially when starting up (0km/h). During acceleration, be careful not to be surprised by the electric motors’ power.

How many GoVolt are there around the city at the moment?

Despite having just started, our ‘fleet’ includes 150 scooters in Milan and we are planning to expand soon! Furthermore, our Scooter Buddies team (if you are looking for work, check out our ‘Work with us’ section of the website) will make sure the scooters are distributed evenly around the city, so you can always find one nearby.

How can I stay up to date with all the news regarding GoVolt (social media/ newsletter)?

It’s very easy to remain up to date on GoVolt! You can follow us on our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn. Moreover, following your acceptance of the terms of our newsletter, we will send you constant information on exclusive promotions and partnerships relating to GoVolt.

Where can I find a GoVolt scooter?

GoVolt is launching its service in Milan, Italy. Through the GoVolt App, you can find any present scooter inside the operating area.

Which operating systems support the GoVolt App?

The GoVolt App works on Apple and Android devices. The following is all the necessary information to use the App.

How long does the battery last?

The battery’s capacity is 100km. Don’t worry, we will always make sure your battery is sufficient for your ride. Whatever scooter has a low batter level will not be available to book and we will change the battery as soon as possible.


What is the minimum age required to ride GoVolt?

Even if the scooters are really easy to ride, the minimum age is 18 years old due to insurance conditions.

Do I need a special license to ride GoVolt?

You don’t need any special license to drive a GoVolt scooter. You simply need an A1 or B license to drive GoVolt. We also accept international licenses if they are authorized in Italy.

Do I need insurance to ride?

The insurance is included in the price of every ride and it is associated to every user. Thanks to our Kasko insurance, we protect you, the scooter and third parties.

Where can I find the scooter documentation?

All the needed documentation to circulate with the scooter (circulation license, insurance and accident report) can be found in the top case.

Do I need a helmet?

If you use GoVolt Scooters, you must always wear a helmet!
It is not necessary to bring your own helmet. Every scooter has in its top case two helmets in two different sizes: M and XL (it is easy to check the size in the backside of the helmet). There is the possibility to add a hygienic cap, which you can find in the top case too. In case you want to use your own helmet, it must be certified and in good conditions.


How do I download the APP?

The APP is available in the APP Stores, for Android and iPhone. Downloading it is completely free and you can do it through Google Play or Apple Store.

How do I register step by step?

Once you download our app, you will find an input form to introduce your email and password. Once introduced, you can complete your registration with the rest of your personal details, then you can attach your documentation: driving license and ID and finally the information about the credit card. The registration process will not take more than five minutes. You will finally receive a confirmation email which will allow you to start using GoVolt.

How does the APP work once you register?

Once you have logged in, it is very easy to navigate through the different tabs:
The Map is the main useful page since you can view the available scooters and where they can be booked.
Past rides is the tab that allows you to see a summary of all the rides you’ve taken, the distance traveled, the pick up and drop off locations of the scooter and the money spent in each ride.
Wallet & packages allows you to see all of yours cumulated free minutes.
Promotion is the tab in which you can insert voucher codes that will reward you with free minutes.
Payment method allows you to change the information of your credit card.
Help is the tab where you can access an easy guide to the service, the FAQs, the terms and conditions as well as finding the contact information of our service.
Settings allows you to modify the language and your personal information.
You can also access our social media channels and websites by pressing the icons at the end of the menu tab.

What should I do if I cannot finish my registration?

If during the registration process you experiment some kind of trouble, do not hesitate to contact us at our customer support.

Before riding

How do I rent a GoVolt Scooter?

Simply open the GoVolt APP, look for the closest scooter next you, reserve it, you have 15 minutes to reach the scooter location and to unlock it. The scooter will turn on and the top case will open automatically. Wear the helmet, sit on the scooter, double click the red button on the right side of the handle bar, take off the stand and you are now ready to drive around Milan!

Where is the key?

GoVolt is completely keyless! You do not need a key for either the Scooter or the top case.

I am sitting on the scooter and it does not work. What do I do?

Make sure you have double clicked the red button on the right side of the handle bar. If the scooter doesn’t start anyway, try to reserve another one close to you. You can report any problem at

The scooter is damaged, what do I do?

If the scooter is damaged or if a helmet is missing please photograph the damage and send us the pictures to

We´ll take care of it directly!

Why can’t I hear the engine?

Welcome to the electric experience! No noise and no pollution!

Where can I ride my GoVolt scooter?

You can ride GoVolt anywhere you want! Of course, high speed roads, such as highways, are inaccessible for scooters. Just remember that in order to end the ride you will have to park within the operational area.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

Apart from the mandatory helmet, which is already provided, it is not necessary to wear a special outfit to ride GoVolt. Nevertheless, we recommend comfortable clothes, warm ones in winter and gloves to protect your hands from wind or possible showers. Regarding footwear, the best option is closed shoes for greater protection.

How do I make sure there is enough battery?

We do follow up the real autonomy left, and you cannot book any scooter with a battery level lower than 15%. Besides, the team can change it in less than an hour, ensuring you always have enough battery capacity for your ride (lowest battery level = 8 kms).

During the ride

Can I use my scooter outside the authorized area?

Of course, with the GoVolt Scooters, you can leave the business area. However, the rent must be ended again within the business area.

Is there a max. or min. limit of minutes or kilometers in a same ride?

There is no limit in your riding, you pay depending on the time of usage, that’s all!

Which is the maximum speed?

The maximum speed a GoVolt scooter can reach is 50 km/h. Enough to go around the city since it is the maximum allowed!

Can I use the bicycle lane?

Even if you have the feeling of flying with GoVolt and they are super quiet, this lane is exclusive for bicycles and vehicles without engines (even if this is electric).

Can I carry another person on my GoVolt?

GoVolt allows to carry an extra passenger on their scooters. So bring your mom, or your dad, or your friend, or your cousin, or you grandpa, there is space for everybody! You will also find two helmets in two different sizes!

Can another person ride with my account?

No, the GoVolt account is unipersonal and non-transferrable since it is associated to a personal insurance. If it is used by other people, this insurance is nullified, and the risk is total.

Do the scooters have GPS or can I use mine?

They do not have incorporated GPS, but you can leave the app in the background during your ride and use an app for it; it can be Google Maps.

Is it possible to take a short break from riding without ending the rent?

You can pause your ride at any time during your ride. Just open the APP and press “pause”; the scooter will turn off automatically. To restart your ride simply press on “pause” again and the scooter will automatically turn on again.

Can I drive during the night?

Yes, GoVolt is available 24/7, 365 days a year (366 if it is a leap year ;-)). The fee applied during the night is the same as during the day.

After the ride

Where can I park?

You can park the scooters anywhere since there aren’t any special parking lots – contrary to other services. But it must be on legal public parking places for motorbikes and scooters and within the authorized GoVolt area (as shown on the application map).

How do I finish my session?

When you arrive at your destination and park the scooter, press “end ride”. The top case will open automatically to leave the helmets. In order to close the top case accurately, make sure you hear a click by carefully pressing until the end. Make sure to tap on all the icons present on the list in order to finalize the ride and leave the scooter free for the next user.

How do I put the helmet back into the top case?

Put the first helmet in its position, on the right or left side of the top case. Then, place the second helmet in the opposite direction so that they fit together and you can close the top case easily.

Do I have to clean anything after my ride?

All helmets are usually cleaned by our Scooter Buddies. If you notice that one or both helmets are dirty, please let us know through our customer service. All top cases also include hygienic caps at your disposal. If you notice they are missing, please notify this to us too.

Can I charge the battery myself?

A part of our team takes care that all the batteries are full enough, so this is a job that we are responsible for. No need for you to worry! Just enjoy the ride!

How can I update/change my details?

In the APP select the “settings” tab. There you can find tab called ‘Edit Profile’ from which you can change either your personal data or your credit card number.

How can I delete my account?

If you want to unsubscribe from the service you must communicate it to us through the email and we will manage it ourselves; very simple! We truly appreciate your opinion, so we will ask you the reason of your goodbye. Do not worry, we will not investigate!

Fees and price

How much does it cost to join Govolt?

It is absolutely free to download the GoVolt APP. However, in order to subscribe and utilize the service we ask you to pay €1 in order to help us cover activation costs.

How much does each ride cost?

We have the most convenient price in the market, only €0,20 per minute, both for riding and to pause the scooter!

How do you count the minutes ridden?

The billing starts when you press the button “unlock” until you press the button “end”. When we count the amount due for your ride, we also take into account the credits you have been accumulating.

Are there additional fees?

No! We will only charge you for the time you ride, nothing else! However, be aware to read our terms and conditions. We specify those actions that will result in the charge of penalties. Also, make sure to respect the traffic laws; we will have to charge you for those fines received during your rent.

How do I pay?

The payment method is through credit, or prepaid, card that you have to introduce during the registration. By entering the data the first time we will charge you directly for every ride you take, not at the end of the month.

Is there another payment method?

No, through your credit or prepaid card is the only authorized payment method. You can change these details through the tab “payment method”.

Must the card be at my name?

We don’t need the card to be at your name, it can be from a company or family member.

Can several users use the same card?

Absolutely, not a problem.

Do you accept foreign cards?

Yes, as long as it is valid in Italy.

Is the online payment safe?

Yes! To make sure we use “Adyen”, a leading company in payment processes. On GoVolt’s side, we do not store any bank information since all transactions are secured through the “Adyen” system. All connection and transactions are SLL secured.

Can I have a bill for my rides?

Of course! At the end of the month we will send you the monthly invoice.

Is the VAT included or is it payed aside?

The charge of the VAT is included. We also specify it in the receipts after each ride so you do not receive surprises for extra expenses.

How can I decrease the cost per minute of my rides?

You can purchase our minute packages directly in the APP by clicking on the “ride packages” on the menu. With a simple click you can acquire credits that will be added to your account. At the end of each ride we first check whether you still have credit in order to calculate the amount to invoice you.

What if

What if I have never ridden a scooter? (Having the B license)?

GoVolt scooters are very easy to drive and you do not need previous experience. However, if you don’t feel confident enough, just contact us at and we can arrange a lesson for you!

What if it rains or the weather conditions are not good enough?

In these cases, we recommend maximizing precautions to avoid accidents since the risk level increases because the road is slippery and the scooter loses adherence and stability. Some advices for these situations would be to reduce speed, to stop in advance, to use reflecting clothing, to avoid puddles or pools and lines drawn on roads. The service does not stop for weather reasons in any case and the electric system is waterproof.

What if I have an accident?

In case of accident, contact our customer support as soon as possible so we can advise you. You will have to fill out the accident report carefully, we provide every scooter with a copy in the top case. You may use the ones that the other person involved in the accident may have. Make sure to keep two copies, take pictures of the accident and to send all this information at the email

What if I receive a traffic ticket?

You are responsible for traffic tickets, either during the ride or related to parking. Please, drive carefully and check the park rules to avoid tickets.

What if my scooter malfunctions while I am using it?

Before pressing “unlock”, make sure to look for damages or problems with the scooter, the top case or the service in general, please let us know through our customer support. If the problem comes up during the session, notify us as soon as possible through the customer support.

What if my scooter is robbed?

If the scooter is robbed during your session, contact us as soon as possible through our customer support. We will find the thieves for you!

What if I run out of battery on my scooter?

Our Scooter Buddies are in charge to change the batteries and will not let you ride a scooter with low battery. Even if you notice that your scooter is slower than usual, you will always have the chance to finalize your session.

What if my phone battery ends and I cannot finalize my session?

It is always very important to check your battery before using GoVolt. Your smartphone is the key, there is no other option to start, stop and finalize the session. Our scooter is also equipped with a USB port where you can insert your phone cable! However, if you find yourself in this kind of situation, the only thing left to do is to borrow a phone and contact our customer service to finalize the session.

What if I am only in Milan for a limited time and I want to use GoVolt?

No problem! Create your account, enjoy Milan with GoVolt and we can deactivate your account once you leave by notifying our customer support.

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